Online Marketing & Engagement

Online Marketing & Engagement

Our Online Marketing skills that achieves results!
It’s no good funnelling thousands of hits to your website if they just bounce off again in seconds. At Q21web, we know how to drive paying customers to your site, but we’re also specialists in keeping them there.

Here’s how we do it.


When you bring search engine optimization together with pay-per-click advertising campaigns, you can create something truly potent. By targeting very specific people with very specific search terms, we can guarantee that the people seeing your sponsored adverts are already interested in what you’re selling. So if your product’s good and your service is up to scratch, we’ll soon be onto a winning formula.

Web banner adverts

The key to a successful web banner campaign always lies in creativity. Look to the sides or tops of your most-visited websites and you’ll see some of the world’s biggest brands nailing it every day. The trick is knowing how to grab attention and encourage action without being *too* intrusive, and also knowing where to advertise for the best chances of success. We can help you create campaigns with superb design with a multitude of shapes, sizes and functions, so you can sit back and review where your most valuable traffic is coming in from.


Got a great app idea but no idea where to start? App design is one of our specialties, and we love taking a great idea from early inception right through to delivery (and digital marketing, to boot). We can help you plan, design, build and test, test, test until you have a smoothly functioning, highly attractive app to take to market.

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