SMS Notifications

Add a mobile phone notification functionality to your website with our Web SMS Notification service

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get notified when someone contact you through your website or to send information about events, sales or coupons directly through users’ mobile devices. Connect your online business to your phone and act immediately in response with client’s request!

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SMS notification can be added to

  • any web form that you have – we can integrate SMS notification feature into any web form: contact forms, booking or reservation forms, shopping cart order forms.

  • any of our website

  • login forms where extra security is needed – send SMS after 3 failed login attempts

  • billing systems – set automatic text messages to remind clients for pending invoices

  • event reminders – do not miss an appoitment or birthday

  • custom SMS form – setup SMS Form on your website to allow users to send SMS online

Receive an SMS notification

  • when someone makes a booking

  • when you receive an enquiry through a contact form

  • when someone places an order

  • when you send an invoice

  • when someone sends a support ticket

  • we can link any script with SMS gateway API and setup SMS notifications